We opened the Black Dog Village Pub & Bistro in November 2005 after a respectful refurbishment of this beautiful old space that is the oldest commercial building on Bayfield’s Main Street. Five Main Street began life in 1850 as the town’s general store and we were extraordinarily careful to retain as much as possible of the building’s historical characteristics.

A true Canadian establishment filled with warmth and character, the Black Dog has always kept to its mandate of serving the very best in quality, local foods prepared with simplicity and style. While we strive to offer contemporary influences on our menu, at its heart, the Black Dog is an honest country pub and it is equally important to us to retain an uncomplicated culinary spirit in the foods we serve.

We have more than 20 unique draught beers on hand in addition to a great selection of bottled beers, each featuring local, regional and international pedigrees. Our beverage selection is rounded out with an award-winning wine list and an impressive collection of single malt whiskey, bourbon, Canadian and Irish whiskey. And our bar staff are continually exploring the world of specialty cocktails including their own creative concoctions.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Kathleen Sloan-McIntosh & Ted McIntosh

The Labs in Our Life

We are lovers of Labrador Retrievers – black Labs in particular – no surprise there!

Our current boy, Toby, is the fourth in a line of joyful canines we have owned and loved. He was preceded by Buzz, Casey and, his immediate predecessor, Danny Boy, the original black dog of the Black Dog. Toby is doing his best to carry on the tradition of welcoming all to his favorite pub. Big paw prints to fill.

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