daily soup 7.
artisanal bread & butter 2.50

escargot with herbs de provence mushrooms
onions, garlic, light cream, white wine, toasted focaccia 14.

simple greens
fresh local greens, slivered radish, celery, apple,
toasted pumpkin seeds, lemon-dijon vinaigrette 9.

goat’s milk cheese & beet salad
arugula, toasted walnuts, lemon-walnut oil vinaigrette 11.

baby kale caesar
metzger’s bacon, grana padano,
salt & pepper croutons, lemon-garlic vinaigrette 12.

village salad
house-made labneh, tomato, cucumber, red onion, fresh herb vinaigrette 13.

mixed mushrooms on toast
triple crème brie, herbs de provence, focaccia 14.

artisanal canadian cheese plate
house-made chutney, flat-bread crackers,
pickled grapes 16.

east coast shrimp salad roll
old bay & caper remoulade, carrot, celery,
bibb lettuce, pickled radish 15.

flat-iron wedge salad
4 oz steak, toasted focaccia, iceberg wedge,
lardon, blue cheese, cherry tomato,
buttermilk-dill dressing 19.

meatloaf sandwich
all-beef meatloaf, caramelized onions,
aged cheddar, barbecue sauce,
hand-cut chips 17.

black dog fish & chips
haddock, house-made beer batter
1 pce 14. 2 pce 19.

crispy pork belly & pineapple tacos
corn tortillas, ancho chili bbq sauce,
creamy citrus coleslaw, feta, cilantro 17.

open face halloumi sandwich
seared halloumi, local tomatoes, dressed arugula, balsamic reduction,
marinated olives 16.

black dog vegetable curry
cauliflower, chickpeas, spinach,
sweet potatoes, carrots, cumin-scented basmati rice,
pappadum, cucumber raita 18.

bistro chicken club
metzger’s bacon, ace bakery bun, lettuce, tomato, lemon & garlic aioli, hand-cut chips 17.

spanish tapas shrimp & chorizo
garlic, parsley, tomato, chilies, white wine,
saffron rice 17.

(8 oz local ontario beef with hand-cut chips)

huron county burger
smoked gouda, back bacon, fried onions,
maple mustard 18. 

bistro burger
double crème brie, red onion marmalade,
pommery mustard 18.

 irish burger
double-smoked bacon,
aged cheddar, beer mustard 18. 

scottish burger
smoked cheddar, deep-fried onion rings,
spicy tomato chutney 18. 

english burger
blue cheese, fried mushrooms,
 hp sauce 18. 

sacred cow burger
meatless patty, curry mayo,
pickled shallot, dressed arugula 18.

aged white cheddar, blue cheese, back bacon
double-smoked bacon, fried egg
caramelized onions, 
spicy tomato chutney
2. each

gluten-free bun substitution additional 1.


potted pâté
chicken liver, toast points,
apple scotch bonnet jelly,
house pickle 14.

ontario duck confit wings
buffalo sauce glaze,
real blue cheese mayo 14.

scot’s egg
local pork sausage, panko,
spicy tomato chutney

edamame hummus
togarashi wonton crisps 11. 

warm pretzel &
metzger’s smoked sausage
house-made beer mustard 11. 

hand-cut chips
with fresh rosemary & thyme, lemon & garlic aioli 6.

groups of 8 or more will be charged a 20% gratuity   |   shared plate charge 3.
Menus change seasonally and according to availability.